Monday, 31 August 2009

Cobra Commander!

With the Raise Of Cobra in this new movie franchise, a new leader of the Ruthless Cobra organization emerges, like a snake that has just shaded its skin.

Unlike the older Cobra Commander which we have grown to love, this one offers a totally different coolness to the character.

Here's a look at the New Face of Cobra!


Points of Interest:

Helmet Sculpt:
Love the way its been sculpt, its simply it offers semi-opaque face mask with some faint silver highlights. And the through the eye holes you can clearly see its deform eyes...that looks back you with a true sinister feeling! truly amazing....great work Hasbro!

Cobra Logo:
Unlike the previous version of Cobra Commander that has the oversize Cobra logo on its uniform, this new version offer a very small discreet silver color Cobra Logo on its trench coat.

On both side of its legs a peg hole is made ready to have the its communicator and nanotech injector attached.

Trench coat:
it offers him much class and it truly enhances the appeal of the figure! it has a nice flow and top of with some silver finishing and a nice deep blue color for the inside of the coat that kinda resemble the previous vintage Cobra Commander.

Overview Of The Figure:

Helmet Close Up:

Here's a look with his mask on (image with reference to General Joes, as i cant seem to get mine off):

Weapons & Accessories:
1) 1X Nanotech Injector
2) 1X Oversize Nanotech Injector/launcher
3) 1X Coal Cobra Snake
4) 1X Pistol

5) 1X Communicating hand held device

Posing with his pistol:

Oversize Nanotech Injector/launcher

With his Pet Snake:

Nanotech Injector:

With all his accessories on (excluding the oversize launcher)

My Verdict:

This Figure is on so many level of awesomeness in my books......

As the head sculpt is great (semi-opaque face mask), the paint job overall is really nice and the silver weathering on both its head sculpt & Coat truly adds up to ONE GREAT FIGURE.

I know this not the Cobra Commander which we have grown to love, however we have countless figures of him already, it great to see a refreshing new look to the ever popular Leader of Cobra that would finally kills some Joes (hopefully), as i hate to see Cobra lose all the time!

Give it a Shot! it's a figure worth collecting!

Over All Venom: 10/10

Toyshop: Toy R Us (TRU)

Price: RM 39.90

More Pictures: - Click to enlarge -

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Saturday, 29 August 2009

COBRA NEWS: upcoming figures!

Ng has supply me with some great intel on the upcoming Joe Figures, check them out! (image with reference to

Some Hybrid Figures:

Other Joe Figures:

PARA Viper so going to spam this figure!

FIRE FLY!! Cant wait to get him and its a TRU exclusive!

Thanks again NG for the intel!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The Steel Crusher A.P.V

As Seen in the Movie, this A.P.V (Armor Plated Vehicle) tears through the streets of Paris.

On a mission to safely transport The Baroness & Storm Shadow to release the Nanomite weapon to destroy the Eiffel Tower!

This is one of the Medium Scale Vehicles Hasbro has to offer for the ROC toy range. Medium as it maybe, this vehicle is pack with accessories & functions! its the only APV or troop transport in the range and its includes a figure, The Nitro - Viper.


Points of Interest:

1) Removable Iron Plow:

2) Front Door Opens:

3) Flip Down Missile Storage Bays:

4) Pop Up Missile Launcher:

My Stickers all wrong....

Over View Of the A.P.V:

The Cobra Logo is suppose to be on the Number Plate, but i decided to do otherwise:

The Mold and detailing of the vehicle is very accurate with the actual Hummer, the GM logo is on the packaging.

Slide the top and pull the windshield armor down:

When the back hatch cover is pulled forward the missile launcher pops up from the back.

There also missile Storage Bays!

Interior looks Great and its nicely detailed:

Nitro Viper:
Of course an expert in driving all Cobra high tech vehicles, Nitro-Viper is an updated "25th style" Motor Viper.

The figures comes with Full arms & legs articulation and does not come with any base stand or weapons.

A Facial Close Up:

My Verdict

The Steel Crusher A.P.V is absolutely stunning! it comes with great accuracy inside out to the actual GM Hummer Truck and is pack with functions!

The figure may be a disappointment, however just think of it as the Driver and don't let affect your decision to purchase this awesome vehicle.

If you have an extra RM 120.00 bucks and think of which vehicle to purchase i highly recommended, as its truly worth the money!

Over All Venom: 9/10

Toyshop: Toy R Us (TRU)

Price: RM 119.90

More Pictures:

Keep Collecting & Thanks For Visiting!