Tuesday, 22 September 2009

ROC: Crimson Neo Viper (Cobra Royal Guard)

The Crimson Neo-Vipers are Royal Guard of the Cobra Army, according to the file card they are master of power & lethality within the cobra ranks .

And like Crimson Guards they guard the leaders of Cobra and can tolerate higher level of pain then the standard Neo Vipers.

From the start, i was never a huge fan of these new Cobra trooper for the ROC line, until i got my hands on my first Neo-Viper, which then totally change the way i look at them.

And after doing more web-search online, i saw an awesome repaint of a Neo-Viper in a deep Crimson Paint and i was totally committed to look and acquire this figure...

Which now thanks to a Friend i have it in my passion! and here's a look at the Figure:

The Packaging:
The Illustration of the Crimson Neo-Viper on the card is simply amazing! can't wait to see this guys in action!

Weapons & Accessories:

1) 1X Assault Rifle with Bayonet (very similar to the Crimson Guard ARAH Gun)
2) 1X Standard issue Cobra Pistol
3) 1X Lance/Spear (that also act as a snake handler, pictures below)
4) 1X Machete
5) 2X Axe
6) 1 X Snake with Container

This Figure comes packed with new weapons & gear! and some are really odd choices.....in the picture above i left out the ridiculously large Missile Launcher!

The Assault Rifle looks great, however don't really Dig the color scheme and the Bayonet is really flimsy and looks like it can snap of anytime.

The Snake with Container is really an interesting touch to the figure and the figure can even hold it by its bars.

The Axe and Machete really adds attitude to the figure, i guess its used when the assault weapons fail, this is the next best choice to stop them joe's?

Why did Hasbro not paint the Machete Silver on blade? when they have added the color to both axe and the lance, again no consistency...

Overview of the Figure:

Unlike the Neo-Viper figure, the Crimson Viper Cobra logo is on its left shoulder pad.(however the illustration shows it on the right.)

Helmet Close Up:

My Verdict
With A few variant of Neo Viper color scheme in the Senior Ranking Pack, trooper builder and etc, this has to be the best color scheme added and given to this Neo-viper Class, its deep Metallic Crimson Color is really nice and not too flashy. or maybe its the shine/gloss that attracts me to this figure...shiny good, shine nice!

The Assault Rifle is great and can be hold properly on each hand or by both and by adding the bayonet, it kinda reminds you of the good old Crimson Guard, NICE!

As for dislike it would be the color scheme of the weapons, i don't know why but light grey color on weapons never really work for me and why didn't they give the machete a sliver finish is another question? when the other weapons has it. (lucky i have some silver paint to finish the job)

And with all this gear there is no place to hold them, unlike the Neo-Vipers that comes with Backpack that held the rifles.

If You like Cobra Troopers like me, this is another must have! as it is a must to guard our beloved Cobra Commander! (and it does clear state "Royal Guard" on the card) and its great for repainted figure!

I However only manage to pick up one cause its not out in retail here yet, but i am hoping to get more when they hit the pegs this week, figure crossed!

Over All Venom: 9/10

Price: RM 39.90

More Pictures:

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Saturday, 19 September 2009

Latest Acquisition!

My Latest Acquisition, THANKS to NG & Danny for getting this for me! as i have been searching for this figures, especially the Crimson Viper!

The Latest figures consist of:
1) Crimson Viper
2) Cobra Eel
3) Elite Viper
4) Pit Commando - which for a custom

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

25th Anniversary: Crimson Guard

The CRIMSON GUARD! highly recognizable by their bright red uniforms, they are the Elite in the ranks of the Cobra Army.

And are really interesting characters, as beside being experts in military matters, they also need to hold professional degrees like Law & Accounting to be apart of the working world.

As Crimson Guards are dispersed about the country in deep cover, assuming various roles,appearance & lifestyles.

So Watch Out they could be your average friendly neighbour!

Now's here a figure from the "Hall Of Fame" 25th anniversary celebration collection:


Out of the box

Weapons & Accessories:

1) 1X Assault Riffle with attached combat knife.
2) 1X Magnum Hand Gun
3) 1X Removable Helmet
4) 1X Removable Backpack

Handgun attached Side

Fully View Of Figure:

Helmet Close - Up:
- Compare the comic pack version, this figures comes with a color visor, which makes a really nice touch.

My Verdict.

Oldies always has the best goodies!

As Crimson Guards are a Firm Favorite and a must for any Cobra Army, this "Hall Of Fame" 25th anniversary celebration figure is absolutely stunning!

With minor paint touch up, that adds up to a nice figure! (cant really see, in my pictures)

The helmet & backpack is given a red metallic paint job, which is really nice and i could only hope that it was applied across the whole figure.

And the assault riffle is really nice compare the a classic riffle given to the comic pack guard, i however do like the magnum handgun as i think he deserve something cooler like a Desert Eagle maybe? well that just me...

But the Major downside of this figure would be the pricing! as its currently priced at RM39.90 each, when the previous pricing for a single was only Rm 2o odd.... which i am still trying to compare hand for new joes figures.

Over All Venom: 9/10

Toyshop: York Toys

Price: RM 38.00

More Pictures:

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